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Monday, January 26, 2009

Via Twitter, Exercise at Your Desk

I don't know how many of you use Twitter--a "microblogging" tool that lets you share brief messages with groups of people who "follow" you. It's sort of like group instant messaging. I've been using it lately and have come across some interesting material for wellness professionals.
For instance, there's a mini-service called Twittercize, which sends "Tweets" [that's what Twitter message are called] every hour prompting you to do different one-minute exercises you can do right at your desk. It's operated by a Denver writer named Ron Doyle.
If you're already using Twitter, here's the "profile" you need to "follow" in order to receive the desk exercises.

There is a lot of health and wellness material bouncing around Twitter. A lot of it is a waste of time. But some of it, like Twittercize, is good to know about and maybe useful.

I post to Twitter whenever I publish a new blog entry. I also share some personal insights about the corporate wellness industry, my business and my own wellness journey along the way.

When I find something that's useful to corporate wellness professionals on Twitter, I'll let you know about it in this blog.

And if you're on Twitter, feel free to "follow" me! You'll get updated every time I post, and I'll be able to follow you back. It would be a great way to swap ideas about wellness, fitness, diet and corporate wellness.

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