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Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Healthy for Your Kids

Woman and Children You may have heard about a study published in Tobacco Control this month, which found that one third of the smokers they surveyed would consider quitting if they knew that second-hand smoke harmed their pets.  Sounds like a funny reason to quit, if you ask me, but hey—kicking the habit is what’s most important.  Even if it’s for Fifi…

But there’s a serious point here.  When it comes to getting healthy, we’ve found in our own surveys that the problem is often a simple lack of motivation.  Some people have a hard time getting started, even when they understand the risks.  Well, a recent article in USA Today brought up an excellent motivation to get healthy that we sometimes forget:  our kids. 

Children mimic their parents’ behavior.  If they adopt a sedentary lifestyle because it's all they know, they could face a myriad of preventable health problems later in life.  One solution for parents, according to the article, is to make time for active play.  The CDC’s website has tons of additional information, as well as links to fun sites designed just for kids.

As wellness professionals, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to inspire people.  Reminding parents of the powerful influence they have over their children’s health is a wonderful start.

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