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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping Your Employees "Engaged" During an Economic Downturn

One of the many responsibilities of a human resource professional is to keep employees motivated—and in an economic downturn, that task has become all the more critical.

A recent survey published by Watson Wyatt, the global consulting firm,
suggests several ways to keep employees “engaged”--an industry term that refers to a company’s most productive workers.
These employees are “twice as likely as their less engaged peers to be top performers,” according to the survey. “They also miss 20 percent fewer days of work and three-quarters of them exceeded or far exceeded expectations in their most recent performance review.” Engaged employees also tend to weather change more gracefully—a definite asset in today’s market.
We believe that employee wellness must be a part of this conversation. Healthy employees are certainly more productive, as anyone who has worked alongside a sick coworker knows. But in addition to the obvious benefits, a wellness program also communicates something profound to your employees: that you care. When we receive feedback from the participants of our programs, we often hear things like, “It’s good to know that the company cares about my health,” or “I’m happy that the company is taking an interest in me.”

In an economy where so many employees are scared and skeptical of their employers’ intentions, what could be more valuable?

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