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Monday, February 23, 2009

Staying Happy (and Well!) In a Recession

We spend a lot of time talking about numbers here: health statistics, insurance premiums, ROI. It’s easy to gravitate toward things we can see in black and white, things that are easy to quantify. But today, we’re discussing something far more difficult to pin down—happiness.

In a recent article published by U.S. News and World Report, Kimberly Palmer puts forth a few recommendations for how to be happy during a recession. Her first suggestion? “Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep, exercise, and nutrition.”

Her source is Gretchen Rubin, author and creator of The Happiness Project blog (one of our favorites), who tells us that the road to happiness begins with physical health and wellness.

Absolutely true! Choosing to be more proactive about your health lays such an important foundation, and we’ve seen it change lives time and time again.

Palmer has a few other suggestions, well worth exploring:
  • Become more charitable.
  • Spend more time and money on enjoyable activities.
  • Invest in relationships.
  • Focus on what you’re grateful for.
It’s good advice in any economy, so check it out!

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