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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Stimulus Package and Health Care Reform

As of this writing, Congress is preparing to send a massive spending bill to President Obama’s desk—and the fight over its contents has been spirited, to say the least. Sharon McLoon at the Washington Post reports how small businesses have been working to make health care reform a part of the stimulus debate.

She reports that “70 percent of U.S.-based entrepreneurs were concerned about the rising cost of health care in 2009.” Frankly, we wonder about the remaining 30 percent! Small businesses already pay an average of 18 percent more than large firms for coverage, McLoon says, and the steady rise in premiums can seriously inhibit their growth.

A separate Post article shows how co-pays and deductibles are rising for employees as well, even as employers absorb more of the cost.

As we discussed earlier week, there is good news: more and more companies understand that wellness programs can reduce their health care costs. Although helping employees change unhealthy habits does take time, the return on investment is real.

Save money, increase productivity, and help your employees get healthy—it’s win-win-win!

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