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Friday, February 6, 2009

Weight Loss Competitions: Everyone Wins

Although most of us know the importance of making healthy choices every day, staying motivated can be a real challenge.  After all, sometimes it feels as if the only thing between you and the box of doughnuts in the company break room is willpower.  But a new wellness trend might change that.  

Taking a cue from reality shows like The Biggest Loser, websites like StickK.com, fatbet.net, and makemoneylosingweight.com facilitate “diet bets”:  good-natured competitions between friends to see who can lose the most weight.  And while some weight loss competitions get pretty serious (all in good fun, of course), they can also be powerful motivators.  “It makes life easier if everyone around you is cutting calories,” author Joy Bauer points out, “and the amicable competition keeps people driven.  You are less likely to eat bad things from the candy jar.”  

We make weight loss challenges a part of our corporate wellness programs because they encourage success, strengthen camaraderie, and they’re fun!  Good health is its own reward—but if a little friendly competition helps people reach their goals, we’re all for it!

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