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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corporate Wellness and the Importance of Prevention

Those of us who care about promoting health and wellness have been going on about prevention for years now, and for good reason. A recent article in Health Affairs reports that the United States spent more than two trillion dollars on heath care in 2006, and three-fourths of that money went to treat chronic diseases. (That's why when we heard that agencies like the National Institutes of Health would benefit from the economic stimulus bill, we sat up and listened.)

But what does "prevention" actually mean? For medical professionals, it usually involves screening for disease. And although it's far more cost-effective to focus on health promotion--that is, avoiding illness in the first place--doctors just don't spend enough time with patients to provide effective long-term guidance and counseling, according to the Health Affairs article.

In my view, corporate wellness professionals are uniquely positioned to fill this role. We have a vested interest in keeping our employees healthy and productive, and the workplace setting means we can give them more consistent support. All they need to get started is an ounce of encouragement.

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