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Friday, March 27, 2009

Investing in Employee Wellness

There was an inspiring story in the Washington Post this week about a Virginia hospital's unique approach to patient care. Everything--from record-keeping to food choices to the building's architecture--is designed to create a positive experience for patients.

Conforming to the guidelines of Planetree (the nonprofit organization that consulted with the Virginia hospital) cost more from the outset. I'm sure some questioned whether it was worth it initially, but the investment has paid off:
The Planetree approach as a whole has resulted in improved market share and higher patient and employee satisfaction; as a result, no additional fees have been levied on patients or insurers.
Planetree's flagship hospital, in Connecticut, has not only outgrown other facilities in the state by leaps and bounds--it has been named one of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Places to Work for the past seven years.

It's easy to mistake Planetree's approach for altruism--simply a "nice thing to do"--but it's really just smart business. Like so many of our clients, they understand that investing in the well-being of their employees is central to their profitability. I can't think of a better example of win-win!

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