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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michelle Obama and Healthy Eating

Once upon a time, news junkies like me used to watch President Clinton jog. Followed by a horde of reporters, the president would enjoy a bit of exercise and a nice photo-op. But when I think of those presidential jogs now, two things come to mind: an especially unflattering pair of running shorts, and fast food. Clinton could never resist the siren call of an Egg McMuffin, and the cameras would inevitably catch the president with his mouth full.

Today, things are different. Wholesome, nutritious food is king at the Obama White House, and the first lady has made a point of saying so. While Laura Bush made many of the same requests for "fresh, organic food" privately, Michelle Obama is using her influence as first lady to educate the public about healthy eating. 

We've already blogged about President Obama's commitment to fitness, and news outlets can't stop talking about Michelle's toned biceps--dubbed Thunder and Lightning by one columnist. But all jokes aside, I'm truly encouraged by the Obamas' efforts. Education has made the corporate world healthier, and I'm convinced that it can do the same for our nation.

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Joseph said...

It's nice to know that she actually participates in that kind of program. Always stay healthy by eating the right food and taking what's necessary.

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