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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ROI of Wellness Programs: A New Study

In our day-to-day work with clients, we see the positive impact of wellness programs first-hand. But if you're considering a wellness initiative for the first time, you probably have some basic questions: Do these programs really work? What kind of ROI should you expect, and how long will it take to see it?

A study published in the March/April issue of The Art of Health Promotion tackles these questions, and many more.

Wellness initiatives are tailored to meet the needs of specific companies, and comparing them can be difficult. But after reviewing studies of 23 different programs, the authors concluded that the average return on investment was 3:1 for health promotion programs--that's a return of $3.00 for every dollar spent.

As businesses continue to grapple with rising health care costs, it's good to know that the research supports what we've known all along: wellness programs work!

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Timo Ahopelto said...

In Europe, most corporate wellness programs have not been able to quantify ROI for a simple reason: the health systems do not allow tracking who pays and who saves.