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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wellness Programs: How to Get Started

According to a recent article on corporate wellness programs, 64% of employers blame their employees' poor health decisions for the rising cost of insurance premiums. A more proactive approach to health care is the answer, but where do you begin? What works and what doesn't?

First, it pays to know where you stand, and that often means starting with a health risk assessment. Amica Mutual Insurance realized that 7% of its insured employees had diabetes after performing an HRA. "We manage risk. That's our core business," one executive said. "We thought, O.K., we have to manage these high-risk groups a little better." And they did--by implementing a prevention program that reduced health care costs by 50% among employees who participated.

Second, a hands-on approach works best. For example, teaching people about healthy eating is a great idea, but education alone tends to be less effective than rewarding specific behavior changes and bringing dynamic programs into the workplace.

As I've said many times, people make great strides when given the right support. I think Amica Mutual's success story is further proof.

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