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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Health Care Reform Preview

Isn't it strange how politicians start talking sense once they leave office? In a recent interview, Richard Gephardt (former Speaker of the House) spoke candidly about the failure of health care reform in the 90s and the challenges lawmakers still face today.

The problem has always been the cost of reform, which is why Gephardt suggests framing the issue as an effort to control "'the crushing cost of health care' for businesses, government, and patients." Representative Ron Kind, also quoted in the article, argues that addressing chronic disease and ramping up prevention efforts will reduce costs significantly. On this point, we couldn't agree more.

In the end, Gephardt seems to advise moving slowly. First cover children and low-income Americans, then proceed from there. So what do you think? Is the stage set for large-scale reform, or will we see history repeat itself?

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