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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Break Unhealthy Habits

A few weeks ago, we blogged about a company that specializes in brain fitness. In yesterday's Washington Post, a fascinating and entertaining article sheds light on why our brains make it so hard to break unhealthy habits--even when we know better. This is a serious issue for anyone involved in promoting corporate wellness programs and keeping participants motivated.

The problem lies in our brain's "plasticity." As one researcher explains, "Plasticity is like snow on a hill in winter. Because it is pliable, we can take many paths if we choose to ski down a hill. But because it is pliable, if we keep taking the same path, we develop tracks, and then ruts, and get stuck in them."

The article makes three suggestions:
  • Change your routine. This helps get your brain out of the "rut."
  • Get a second opinion. Our self-image is often inaccurate.
  • Remember that it gets easier. New healthy habits become second-nature with time.
If you check out the full article, you'll read all about the author's inspiring 100-pound weight loss. No bombshell weight loss methods, though--just our old, old friends Sensible Diet and Exercise.

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