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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wellness Initiative Transforms Entire Town

If you doubt whether wellness programs can really change behavior, you need to read this article from USA Today. For seven years, the town of Somerville, Massachusetts has been investing in a program to combat childhood obesity. School cafeterias revamped their menus, the city constructed bike lanes and walking paths, and area restaurants started offering healthier choices. The effort is called "Shape Up Somerville."

The results were compelling. After only a year, the schoolchildren targeted by the program had gained 15% less weight than other kids their age. Cities all over the country have designed programs based on the "Shape Up" initiative.

The article mentions that "two-thirds of Medicare spending is for beneficiaries with five or more chronic conditions." That's why Congress set aside $1 billion of the recent stimulus for disease prevention efforts; according to the article, the Department of Health and Human Services plans to announce specific plans for that money early this summer. 

If a Boston suburb can successfully encourage its residents to get healthier, you can do the same for your employees. All it takes is an effective game plan, a wellness partner that understands your needs, and a positive attitude.

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Andy Dunbar said...

That is great for Boston. Colorado is also doing some innovative things for wellness programs that might interest you.