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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Email-Based Wellness Initiative Gets Results

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine features an interesting study in its June issue. At the beginning of the study, 787 employees of Kaiser Permanente filled out an assessment of their diet and exercise habits. Depending on the results, employees were sent emails each week with suggestions--small steps that they could take to improve their health habits.

The emails focused on three areas: increasing physical activity, eating more fruits and vegetables, and decreasing the amount of fat and sugar they ate. Participants knew from the beginning how their habits compared to national averages.

The results were promising. After 16 weeks, employees who received the email reminders had improved significantly. Those who needed to exercise more had increased their physical activity by an hour a week by the end of the study.

As any of our health coaches will tell you, small, consistent changes can make a real difference. And since most of us are glued to our in-boxes at work, email is an ideal way to receive health information and reminders. (MyPyramid.gov also features a tip of the day on its home page. Check it out!)

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