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Monday, June 8, 2009

A1C Test Approved for Diagnosing Diabetes

According to an article in USA Today, it may soon become easier to diagnose diabetes. At the American Diabetes Association's annual meeting, a group of experts concluded that the A1C test is a reliable way to diagnose the condition. This is a serious development--one that may affect the screenings offered at health fairs.

Until now, doctors have diagnosed diabetes by administering a fasting plasma glucose test, which provides a one-time snapshot of an individual's blood glucose level. The A1C test, on the other hand, can give doctors information about a patient's glucose levels over a two- to three-month period. It does not require fasting, and is performed through a simple blood draw.

Like the old glucose test, the A1C test is quick and easy to perform. And since it is a more reliable indicator of diabetes, we may eventually see A1C replace glucose screenings at health fairs. Keep reading Corporate Wellness Insights for the latest.

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