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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Financial Education: The Next Wellness Initiative?

I've often said that college freshmen should be required to take a course in personal finance. Given the state of the economy, it's more important than ever to understand the basics. According to Workforce Management online, employers are beginning to understand the need as well, and they're offering financial education seminars to employees as part of their wellness programs.

While it may seem like an odd marriage at first, it's not hard to understand why some companies are making the leap. "The point of wellness programs is to make people feel good," one benefits manager said. "And when we looked at the different things that might cause employees to not be productive, stress over personal financial situations was a cause."

There are other potential cost-benefits for the employer: A smoker may think twice about kicking the habit after studying the costs, for example.

It makes good business sense to focus on the well-being of employees, and I love it when companies find innovative ways to do so. 

(A special thanks to Mark Harbeke for spreading the word about this story. Follow him on Twitter and visit his blog.) 

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