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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Search for Work-Life Balance

In the New York Times last week, Pauline W. Chen (physician, columnist, and Twitterer) discussed how difficult it is for doctors-in-training to balance work (brutally long hours and high stress) with their personal lives.

A study out of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that doctors "set themselves up for burnout by accepting, even embracing, what they believed would be a temporary imbalance between the personal and professional aspects of their lives."

While most of us don't have to face 24-hour shifts or make life-and-death decisions, work-life issues impact everyone. Because effective stress management is an integral part of wellness, it makes good business sense to help your employees maintain balance.

If you haven't already explored Leo Babauta's wonderful blog Zen Habits, I highly recommend it. Don't let the title fool you: It's not all about deep breathing and meditation. Leo's advice can help just about anyone manage stress and remain centered.

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