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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Healthy Eating for Less

Back in January, we blogged about so-called "recession pounds"--the notion that when money is tight, people gravitate toward cheap, calorie-dense (and probably unhealthy) food options. A recent USA Today article underscores this idea and offers a few tips for healthy eating on the cheap.

The Department of Agriculture's "thrifty food plan" requires more time than many Americans are willing to spend, according to Dr. Adam Drewnowski at the University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition. Factoring in time for shopping, preparation, and cooking, you would spend somewhere between nine and sixteen hours per week following their menu.

When it comes to high nutrition and low cost, Dr. Drewnowski has a few suggestions that may make life easier if time is short.

Low-fat milk is a great alternative to "sugar-packed, no-nutrient colas." Try carrots instead of peppers, and apples instead of strawberries; and as long as you watch the sodium, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are cheaper and longer-lasting. The full article has even more advice.

What are your favorite low-cost, high-nutrition foods? Leave a comment and share!

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