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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Safeway Inc. Engages Employees through Friendly Competition

When it comes to helping its employees get healthier, Safeway Inc. has really hit the ground running. We blogged a few weeks ago about their CEO's overall health care strategy--one that emphasizes wellness and prevention to reduce costs. Now, according to Safeway's blog, employees have formed 417 teams (10 individuals per team) and are competing for prizes in a weight loss/activity challenge.

Team challenges have been tremendously successful for our own clients, and we have no doubt that Safeway will experience similar results. You can read about some of our experiences here and here.

Even if your company isn't as large as Safeway Inc., you can still take steps to make wellness a priority. Wellness programs and fitness challenges are flexible and can be tailored to fit your unique culture. Drop us a note and we'll show you how.

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aycfit said...

I just now came across this blog post and I appreciate all your company does promoting corporate wellness.

It truly is the answer to lower health care costs.

"Plain and Simple Truth"

70% of those who died today...died of a preventable illness
Regular exercise and proper nutrition could have made all the difference.