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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walgreen Co. to Open Work-Site Health Clinics

A recent Bloomberg News article reports that Walgreen Co., the company that owns the Walgreens drug-store chain, is getting into the work-site clinic business. The company already has 373 clinics and wants to expand that number to several thousand. Walgreen Co. is betting that, in the future, more companies will use onsite clinics to help control rising health care costs.

The expansion of onsite clinics is definitely a trend to watch. One of our clients is currently developing a clinic for one of its locations, and we think it's a smart move. According to a study cited by the Bloomberg article, workplace clinics have the potential to reduce a company's health care costs by 30%.

On its company blog, Cisco Systems, Inc. has posted a YouTube video that showcases its state-of-the-art onsite clinic. Check it out to see what Cisco is doing to bring quality health care to its employees and their dependents.

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