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Monday, July 20, 2009

Walking Challenge Success!

After completing a health fair screening, many employers wonder how best to continue the process. One option is to organize a fitness challenge--something fun that brings employees together and enhances camaraderie, while keeping health and wellness top of mind.

One of our smaller clients just finished a short walking challenge, and the results were phenomenal! During the four week challenge, 17 participants tracked their steps with pedometers and competed for prizes. In the end, they took 4,111,231 steps--more than 2,000 miles!

That's 78 marathons--300 miles farther than the distance between Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Our resident dietitian is never far from her pedometer. Her goal is to take 10,000 steps every day--which may seem daunting, but all those trips to the printer add up! The winner of our client's walking challenge averaged almost 17,000 steps per day.

What are your experiences? Would a fun group challenge motivate you to be more active?

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