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Monday, August 24, 2009

Corporate Wellness and the Obesity Controversy

Earlier this summer, we blogged about several companies that are no longer hiring smokers. This is a controversial move, and according to the Workers' Comp Insider blog, it has already faced a court challenge. (A federal judge eventually ruled in the company's favor.) Following this precedent, the Workers' Comp blogger wonders whether obesity is next.

The lion's share of our nation's medical costs stem from conditions that are preventable, and obesity is certainly among them. But that doesn't necessarily mean that a hard-line approach is the answer. One of the most compelling benefits of employee wellness programs is that they improve morale, and when it comes to calling out workers based on weight, I think we should tred softly.

Our philosophy is simple: offer incentives based on active participation, and approach employees without judgment. This method has gotten results for many of our clients, but I'd like to know where you stand. Are companies right to draw a line in the sand?

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