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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fewer Swine Flu Shots Available than Expected

A few weeks ago, we blogged about the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine currently in production. It turns out that some earlier vaccine estimates may have been high; vaccine producers have recently said that they won't be able to deliver some of the government's 195 million ordered doses as soon as planned.

Health and Human Services spokesman Bill Hall, quoted in an AP story, said that the shortfall is only a delay, not a shortage. The original number of vaccines ordered by the government will be fulfilled--just not as early as they'd hoped.

Thus far, manufacturers have been unable to cultivate the H1N1 strain as quickly as they'd like.

To reiterate the conclusion of our previous blog on the subject, it's essential to be vaccinated for seasonal flu even if you're not at risk for H1N1. Influenza is the single greatest cause of absenteeism in the fall and winter months, and it pays--literally--to offer the vaccine to your workforce.

For every flu shot we administer this year, Wellness Corporate Solutions will donate 50 cents to A Wider Circle, a charity that assists low-income families.

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