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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leaders Who Exercise are More Effective

We blogged recently about the connection between management styles and cardiovascular health: The more effective the manager, the less likely their subordinates were to experience heart attacks. Well, here's a variation on that theme. According to study from the Center for Creative Leadership, executives who exercise regularly tend to be more effective leaders.

In a posting at the Washington Post Guest Insights blog, Sharon McDowell-Larsen describes the results of a ten-year study that tracked executives and their exercise habits. "The exercisers rated significantly higher than their non-exercising peers on overall leadership effectiveness," McDowell-Larsen writes. "They also scored higher in a number of specific areas, including "inspiring commitment, credibility, leading others, leading by example, energy, resilience, and calmness."

Fitting exercise into a busy schedule is always a challenge, but McDowell-Larsen (who is also an exercise physiologist) has a few helpful suggestions. Click through to the full blog post to get all the details.

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