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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Workers' Attitudes about Wellness

On Monday, we blogged about a study linking income and access to wellness programs. The same Employee Benefit News article that described the study also cited some fascinating statistics about what workers want--and don't want--when it comes to wellness:
  • 74% believe that employees who participate in wellness programs should pay lower health premiums.
  • 47% say employers should be allowed to charge smokers more for health insurance.
  • 43% support higher rates for people who drink too much alcohol.
  • 26% think people who are very overweight should pay more.
As the questions become more and more specific, support drops off dramatically--and that should teach HR and wellness professionals a thing or two. People support these programs in theory, but the moment they begin to feel overtly punitive, attitudes shift.

Companies choose their own guidelines, but we always recommend rewarding active participation. In our experience, people are much more likely to achieve goals they set for themselves, and a program will be more successful if it leads people to make better choices on their own terms.

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