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Friday, December 11, 2009

Virginia Enacts Smoking Ban

It's the end of an era: Last Tuesday, Virginia joined many other states by banning smoking in restaurants and bars. According to the Washington Post, smoking is now only permitted "on an outdoor patio or in a walled-off, separately-ventilated area." It's an amazing development, considering the importance of tobacco in Virgina's long history.

Although smoking bans are a political sign of the times, it's important to remember the health implications of smoking. A recent report from the World Health Organization estimates that smoking kills five million people every year worldwide. Secondhand smoke causes 600,000 deaths, according to the report, and 95% of the global population lives in places without smoking bans like the one enacted by Virginia.

Regardless of whether you favor smoking bans, it's hard to deny that tobacco use is a serious problem for employers. Offering smoking cessation programs--as well as incentives for those who participate--is an excellent way to reduce your employees' health risks and your bottom line. If you're ready to help your employees kick the habit, we can help! Just drop us a line.

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