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Monday, February 22, 2010

Achieving High Wellness Participation Rates without Breaking the Bank

We've blogged many times about ways to increase wellness program participation rates. Cash rewards, reduced insurance premiums, fancy prizes--the options abound. But what if monetary incentives aren't possible for your organization?

A recent article in Employee Benefit News discusses the pros and cons of monetary rewards. They're great at motivating people to take the first step--like filling out a health risk assessment--but continuing a rewards program indefinitely isn't always feasible. And when the incentive program ends, participation tends to drop off.

It is possible to achieve high participation rates without breaking the bank, and the EBN article discusses how one company did just that. Creating a simple video explaining the program, produced by an in-house team, resulted in a whopping 127% increase in participation. They also used HRA data to target individuals who were most likely to be interested.

We've found that more and more companies are using social media to promote their wellness offerings. If you already have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, why not use these sites to provide health information for employees? It's just one more way to reach people.

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