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Monday, February 8, 2010

FDA Proposes Changes to Food Labels

One of our most popular on-site seminars helps participants shop smarter at the grocery store. Believe it or not, avoiding unhealthy foods and interpreting food labels is more difficult than you might think.

The New York Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration has plans to revamp the food labels we all know and love. Part of that effort is placing nutritional information on the front of packages, where it will be more visible.

But as the Times article points out, the problem with the current labeling system isn't just its location. Most consumers simply don't pay enough attention to serving sizes, leading to a misunderstanding of how many calories they're actually consuming. (Visit the full Times article for an excellent short video on the subject.)

Labeling is a confusing--and controversial--issue for regulators. Would increasing portion sizes on food labels send the wrong message, encouraging people to eat more? The Times makes that point, and so do others.

So, do you read food labels? Do you take serving sizes into account? Let me know in the comments section below.

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