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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michelle Obama Launches "Let's Move"

Just a few weeks ago, we blogged about Michelle Obama's speech at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. At the conference, the First Lady announced that the administration would soon launch a new campaign to combat childhood obesity. Today, we learn the name of that campaign: Let's Move.

Listen to Mrs. Obama explain the four central goals of the Let's Move program:

The First Lady acknowledges that admonitions from the government just aren't enough on their own. "There's no expert on this planet that says the government telling people what to do really does any good on this issue," she says. "This is going to require effort on everyone's part. We have to have a tailored approach on this."

The comprehensive approach is what I like most about the Let's Move program. In addition to giving parents the information they need to make better choices, the program is also committed to improving the food our children eat at school, helping kids get more physically active, and providing access to healthy food in underserved neighborhoods.

Stay tuned to Corporate Wellness Insights for the latest on Let's Move and Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity.

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