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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Too Fat to Fight": Excess Weight Prevents Military Service

A startling report (PDF) on the readiness of the U.S. armed forces concludes that more than a quarter of young adults do not meet the military's physical requirements, often due to overweight and obesity. A number of news outlets are carrying the story, including CNN (see the video clip below), National Public Radio, and many others.

I didn't know this before reading the NPR article, but the National School Lunch Program was originally launched to address the undernourishment of potential recruits during World War II. How times have changed! Today's young people are "too fat to fight," and unhealthy school lunches may be partly to blame.

Although our business is corporate wellness for adult workplaces, I love it when our clients expand their programs to include the entire family. Good health habits start early, and children deserve to reap the benefits of wellness, too.

A side note: We tweeted recently about a teacher who is eating school lunches every day in 2010, all the while blogging about her experiences. Her blog is pretty fun, so check it out.

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