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Monday, May 10, 2010

Groups Compete for $15 Billion in Prevention Funds

Now that the dust has settled from a rancorous year-long debate over health care reform, a new fight is brewing: how to implement the new law. Kaiser Health News is reporting that a number of groups are vying for a share of the $15 billion "prevention" fund, which is set to be doled out over the next decade.

There are a number of issue to be worked out. Should the money to go fighting specific conditions, such as obesity, or should it be given to agencies that have a broader reach?

Kaiser Health News lists several of the organizations that have made formal requests so far. Not surprisingly, everyone wants a piece of this $15 billion pie! I can't say who should receive the funds, but I do agree that we should target our efforts in areas of the country with the greatest need.

As Michelle Obama explains in the video below, millions of Americans currently live in "food deserts"--places where access to healthy food is severely limited. When it comes to preventing chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes, I think addressing this systemic problem is a great place to start.

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