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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is the Web Changing Way We Eat?

There's no question about it: portion sizes have ballooned over the past few decades. In some cases, a meal that would have qualified as "super sized" a few years ago is now the norm--and that makes weight loss a challenge for those accustomed to large portions.

Research cited by the Small Plate Movement suggests that eating from smaller plates can make a real difference. They say that a two-inch reduction in plate diameter (using 10-inch plates instead of 12-inch plates) results in an average of 22% fewer calories being consumed.

An interesting article over at Salon.com has a slightly different take on portion size. They report that bite-sized menu options are increasingly popular at many restaurants, especially among younger people who want to sample food in the same way they sample websites. (This may be over-thinking things a bit, but it's still an intriguing idea.)

Our dietitians and health coaches report that portion control is a major area of interest for our clients. When we give seminars on the topic, people are always amazed by how dramatically their favorite foods have grown over the years!

The Mayo Clinic offers a great resource on portion control for weight loss. Why not share it with your employees?

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