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Friday, May 14, 2010

Is Your Wellness Program Working? Ask the Participants!

The human resources department gets a bad rap sometimes, and I think that's too bad. We work with HR professionals every day, and we know how tough their jobs can be.

One of my favorite HR blogs is written by Susan Heathfield. (You can also find her on Twitter.) In one of her recent entires, she says that satisfied employees communicate their needs, much like the hummingbirds she feeds. When their feeder is empty, they hover outside her window and let her know they're hungry.

Communication is one of the keys to building a successful employee wellness program. It's the only way to answer the really important questions: What health issues are your employees interested in learning more about? What programming would they like to see? What really motivates them?

Interest surveys are helpful, but nothing beats having boots on the ground. We encourage our clients to find wellness champions--employees who volunteer to act as the link between participants and management. Especially in a large company with multiple locations, champions can help you navigate the corporate labyrinth.

(If you enjoy Susan Healthfield's blog, you'll love Evil HR Lady. She answers readers' questions with amazing humor and real insight. Highly recommended!)

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