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Friday, May 21, 2010

U.S. Doesn't Grow Enough Fruits and Vegetables

It's not surprising that most Americans fall short of the recommended five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. But here's a real eye-opener -- we don't grow or import enough fruits and vegetables for everyone in the country to meet those recommendations.

According to a recent Reuters article, researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Agriculture studied the American food supply and found that we have about half the fruits and vegetables we would need if everyone decided to eat the recommended amounts.

(But not to worry -- we produce plenty of fat and sugar. There won't be a shortage of Little Debbie Cakes any time soon!)

The sad truth is that we produce the foods people want to buy. If shoppers across the country were fighting over the last head of broccoli at the supermarket, we'd grow more broccoli. It's that simple.

What we need is a culture shift, and that's what our employee wellness programs aim to do. Especially in the workplace, the way we eat is so cultural -- donuts at meetings, pizza or Chinese when we work late. But when companies make a conscious decision to choose wellness over the status quo, people begin to adopt healthy habits of their own. We've seen the connection first-hand.

So what changes can you make today? If you need ideas, drop us a line. (And thanks to one of our clients for forwarding this article!)

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