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Monday, December 13, 2010

December: The Calm Before The Storm In Workplace Wellness Initiatives

Three months have passed since our last post at the Corporate Wellness Insights blog and the time has simply flown by. This Fall was our busiest on record – filled with flu shots, screenings, seminars, coaching – you name it!

It seems that companies are really starting to understand the benefits of being proactive with their employees’ health. In the past year, our client load has more than tripled which indicates a growing interest in workplace wellness on a larger scale as well. At this point, it seems that every study touts the endless benefits and overall savings corporate wellness programs create for companies. Our experience bears this out. As we’ve said before, and demonstrated with our own programs; corporations save money when they invest in their employees’ health. Additionally, workers report higher job satisfaction rates, less absenteeism, and greater happiness levels overall.

As data continues to roll in, companies nationwide are hopping on the corporate wellness band wagon. Wellness Corporate Solutions boasted an incredibly exciting fall season and the month of December already has the feeling of the calm before the storm. As we approach the New Year, numerous companies are launching state-of-the-art web portals and customized wellness programs. January tends to get people motivated about setting health goals and making true lifestyle changes. Companies are taking advantage of this mind-set and establishing wellness programs at a time when employees are most likely to make healthy resolutions. And what better time than January 1?

So what can we expect in the coming year? Continued momentum as more and more companies get their workplace wellness programs in place. Ready to set up a wellness program in your workplace? Drop us a line and we will be happy to help!

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