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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Even If (At First) You're Alone In Your Crusade, Kick Off A Wellness Program Today

Gym owner Linda Fondren of Vicksburg, Mississippi is proof that even a single individual can make a notable difference. When her home state of Mississippi was named heaviest in the United States for the 6th consecutive year, she decided to take action.

Like the program managers at Wellness Corporate Solutions, Fondren came up with an engaging plan to specifically appeal to the residents of her hometown. She realized that for many, it was a basic lack of understanding that prevented them from losing weight. Like Fondren, we believe that education is the best form of prevention.

Fondren’s initiative, Shape Up Vicksburg, helps local residents get fit by providing free workouts, nutrition seminars, and motivational support. To date, more than 2,500 people have participated in at least one aspect of the program and together they have lost over 15,000 pounds.

This is the type of success we like to see. Whether it takes place in an office among co-workers or on the streets of Mississippi, a wellness program benefits everyone. Heralded as a "Community Crusader", Fondren has the right outlook when it comes to wellness: it doesn't matter who gets the ball rolling - the important thing is someone makes wellness a priority. Sometimes it takes just one health-conscious individual to pave the way for communal wellness.

Take charge! Be the "Linda Fondren" of your office and make awareness the first step towards health. For tips on starting a company-wide challenge or offering nutrition seminars on-site, feel free to reach out to us here at Wellness Corporate Solutions.


Affiliated Physicians said...

I agree, there is nothing more important that having happy, healthy employees, so start something today, and eventually it will catch on and gain speed.

francis said...

ya, she's deserving of recognition even though it's not what she wants. I just wish i have the motivation to start moving for more than myself. I hope she continues to find success in making the importance of wellness known.