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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Know Your Audience: Targeted Advertising in Wellness and Beyond

Just like cartoon characters make kids' food taste better, the proper incentives for adults can help them appreciate and enjoy corporate wellness initiatives!

In a recent study, researchers confirmed existing evidence that despite being served identical portions of the same food, children claimed their food actually tasted better when a familiar cartoon character was featured on the front of the package. This is no news to advertisers who for years have inconspicuously splashed child-friendly favorites on the front of cereal boxes, happy meals, etc. to encourage consumption. Children tend to react more emotionally and intuitively to events and objects than adults do, however, this marketing strategy can translate to adults in a variety of situations. When faced with an enticing option, "grown-ups" are nearly as susceptible as kids in their preference for one option over another with less appealing packaging. Again, this is just a matter of marketing.

But, with marketing knowledge in hand, how can companies incentivize wellness programs for their employees to encourage engagement in an appropriate way? It’s not just about prizes and down-the-line rewards. There should be up-front, curb appeal right off the bat. Catchy slogans, well-designed promotional tools, and company-targeted materials are most likely be successful in engaging a workforce. It’s about knowing your audience and presenting the indisputable facts of wellness alongside flashier marketing techniques. A thoughtful combination of the two will attract employees in much the same way food and beverage companies attract consumers – both young and old.


Affiliated Physicians said...

A great wellness program doesn't do your employees any could if you can't convince them of its benefit. You have to catch their attention and keep them engaged. Companies could take a page or two from other advertising campaigns and move beyond the basic flyer to get their employees motivated.

Trina Simone said...

I also agree that knowing your target market is very important.
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