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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Success Story

Over the years, Wellness Corporate Solutions has worked with tens of thousands of individuals in varying capacities. Although we hear about positive behavior change and satisfied clients on a regular basis, some success stories are heartwarming to the point where they must be shared. Here is the story of “David”, a factory worker for one of our mid-sized clients, who turned his life around almost overnight after a 10-minute biometric screening followed by a 5-minute chat with the onsite dietitian.

On the day of the screening, David’s body weight was 314 lbs. He had a 54 inch waist, 36.5% body fat, and a BMI of 42.6. His blood glucose of 397 suggested poorly controlled diabetes. His total cholesterol was 203, HDL 31, and blood pressure elevated at 146/84. His biometrics alone suggested morbid obesity, diabetes, and risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes complications in the future. He admitted to smoking cigarettes and regularly consuming candy, soda, energy drinks, plenty of high fat meats, and refined carbohydrates. David was not seeing a doctor regularly for his diabetes, was not taking any medication for it, and had no education regarding dietary management of the disease. At the screening, the dietitian had one goal for David: to make an appointment with his doctor. He knew if David took even that one step it would be an enormous leap for the state of his health.

Six weeks later, with low expectations, the dietitian checked in with David. To his surprise, David had made an appointment with his doctor, who educated him about Type 2 diabetes. David began taking Metformin to manage the disease, checked his blood sugar three times daily, his blood pressure once daily, and had a follow-up appointment scheduled with the physician. He reported having cut out all the candy, soda, and energy drinks from his diet and was focusing on portion control. These changes alone helped David shed 30 lbs in the 6 weeks since the initial health screening. David still has a long road to optimal health and reduced disease risk, with many factors yet to be addressed, but he has found his motivation and set himself on the path to better health. As a corporate wellness company, that’s the kind of success we like to see!

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