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Monday, April 4, 2011

National Workplace Wellness Week: It's Time to Get Moving

Did you know?

Tuesday, April 5th kicks off National Workplace Wellness Week.

The American Heart Association along with the Partnership for Prevention and several other health advocacy groups worked to pass the workplace wellness week resolution in September of 2008. This resolution designated the first full week of April as National Workplace Wellness Week with the goal of helping employers recognize the importance of employee wellness and encourage healthy behaviors at work.

Wednesday marks National Start! Walking Day - a day when workers are encouraged to bring sneakers to the office and spend 30 minutes walking during the workday. As Americans, we spend hours chained to our desks and commuting to work from miles away. Due to these demands on our time, we are becoming increasingly inactive. Employers can help offset the costs of the national obesity epidemic by supporting regular movement breaks throughout the day and providing employees with opportunities to move.

Looking to get a workplace wellness program in place? Feel free to drop us a line for ideas and support!

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Project Fit America said...

This is so great. Not only does that walk break your stress....when you put your feet back under the desk you are far more engaged. So much research and science shows the relationship to movement and the brain. Good article. Thx for posting.