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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Employee Health Care: The Marriott Way

As National Employee Wellness Month comes to a close, I wanted to highlight some of the wonderful examples of corporate leadership we see from our clients on a daily basis. Support from higher-ups is an invaluable tool when creating a successful wellness program helping to fast-track implementation and maximize employee engagement.

Marriott International, one of the world’s leading hospitality providers, exemplifies the benefits of support from a CEO. Bill Marriott is possibly the biggest advocate of the company-wide TakeCare health plan. He recognizes not only the individual, undeniable benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise, but also embraces the ideology that healthy employees are more productive employees. His message: Take care of employees, so they take care of customers, so the customer will come back. For Mr. Marriott and CEO’s worldwide, investing in employee health is a savvy business move.

Mr. Marriott is personally involved with the wellness program and the day-to-day health of his employees. He regularly updates his blog, Marriott on the Move, with motivational messages for Marriott associates and urges individuals and their families to prioritize health. The Marriott health care strategy is fundamentally uncomplicated. It promotes simplicity, health improvement and personal responsibility. He has made it a mission of the company to help associates get the essential care they need.  


Carolina Aramburo said...

Marriott is such a great example - once that other companies can learn from. Thanks for the post; please honor us by visiting our blog and commenting. We appreciate it so much!

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