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Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Busy Season - And That's a Good Thing!

The calendar might have just hit “August” but it’s already Fall in Wellness World.

Autumn indicates a huge uptick in business for those of us in corporate wellness. Clients are eager to see a return on their investment by offering flu shots, biometric screenings, and health education to promote company health and boost employee morale as the lazy summer days slip away. Typically, summertime is a quiet period – the calm before the storm – but this year, business is booming!

At last, it seems companies are recognizing the value of our programs or perhaps government influence is finally nudging corporations toward preventative health measures. Regardless of the cause, summers have never been so busy. Most employees associate summertime with casual Fridays, long weekends, and generally abbreviated work schedules, but our summer here at WCS has already kicked into high gear. We have launched dozens of new screening programs, finalized flu shot schedules and begun the final stages of fall wellness challenges (expanding internationally this year!) in addition to maintaining face time with our existing, loyal clientele.

Our research shows that 77% of employees who set goals and participate in WCS corporate wellness initiatives improve or stabilize their blood pressure throughout the course of the program and 97% boast improved or stabilized BMI. This type of hard data is exactly what companies need to see because a healthier workforce translates to a significant ROI. That return on investment often boosts company confidence and leads to an increase in profits down the line.

Personal health and economic prosperity are undeniably and inextricably linked. Wellness companies, in their own unique way, have the power to improve the economic health of the nation by encouraging healthy behaviors among America’s workers.

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