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Friday, November 18, 2011

Compelling Case For Family Wellness

An employee's family, lifestyle and habits outside of the workplace impact their health in significant ways.  When companies include the whole family in wellness programs, there is a much greater chance for prevention and behavior change for the employee. 

Today's health headlines are compelling; the case for wellness and lifestyle changes imperative.  Almost 1 out of every 2 adults has at least one chronic illness.  Childhood obesity is on the rise and the resulting prevalence of chronic diseases has led a panel of government health experts to suggest cholesterol screenings for children

Wellness programs provide an outstanding opportunity to influence healthy lifestyle choices outside the workplace.  Some program components increase costs; however, improvement in the "family ROI" makes it a worthwhile investment.  

Wellness Corporate Solutions recommends companies consider strategies to involve families in your company's wellness program: 
  • Schedule health screening Saturdays
  • Provide flu shots to spouses and children
  • Post healthy recipes and lunchbox ideas
  • Distribute information about children's health risks 
  • Promote family memberships to fitness clubs
  • Start a "pedometer for kids" campaign
  • Develop family health challenges
Post or contact Wellness Corporate Solutions to share family wellness programs that have been effective at your company!

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