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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday - a Great Time to Promote Cyber Wellness!

This past weekend two powerful forces collided – the launch of the holiday shopping season and the Period of Vulnerability – the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day when individuals tend to lose focus on healthy lifestyle objectives! 

As we enter this period of holiday excitement and stress, Wellness Corporate Solutions encourages companies to ride the wave of Cyber Monday and remind their employees about the Cyber Wellness options available in their company wellness toolkit! 

Start your company’s campaign to help employees avoid holiday health pitfalls!
1. Remind employees to check out the resources on your wellness portal
2. Create messages for Wellness Champions to send to their constituents
3. Encourage employees to contact health coaches to refresh their wellness goals
4. Publish employee success stories
5. Email employees a list of ways to stay fit and healthy during the holidays
6. Announce your company’s next corporate challenge

Call to Action! 
Contact Wellness Corporate Solutions for ideas on how to promote Cyber Wellness at your company or to share what your company is doing this holiday season!  

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