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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ask Yourself: What Is the BEST Way to Improve Employee Health?

A recent finding in the Principal Financial Well-Being Index brings to light one of the more frustrating dichotomies we face in the corporate wellness industry.

Despite the convenience of online resources to educate individuals about healthy habits and monitor progress, ultimately, sitting in front of a computer tracking habits contributes to increased screen time, more sitting, and less movement. It seems that fitting in a five minute walk would be more beneficial for the average worker than, for example, using those precious minutes to monitor calorie intake. As a wellness company, we promote educational resources like online health portals daily, but might they impede employee fitness goals?

The report concludes that the most common employee wellness offerings include online wellness information and educational tools or events, but 25% of employees without gym discounts said they would prefer a workout pass instead.

Today, especially in a corporate setting, most employees are aware of the benefits of exercise. So, all the online health resources in the world won’t do them any good when they are cooped up at their desks all day. Many employees want to move more but simply don’t have the time or energy at the end of a stressful workday.

Armed with this information, employers could better boost employee health with subsidized gym memberships or onsite fitness classes. The good news? 41% of employees agree that wellness benefits in general encourage them to work harder and perform better.

Wellness budgets are typically (unfortunately) limited, but determining the most effective wellness offerings for your company can lead to a more complete culture of health down the line.


Neil | Butterfield said...

I agree, you should not give employees any excuse to potter on computers when they should be out getting fit and healthy.

Marcy said...

As we become less and less mobile, sitting for longer hours, it is essential that an evolving dialogue occur between employer and employees. One can give a person a hammer, but that does not mean he will use it to build something. Likewise, employee input and tracking methodology should be instituted by employers to determine which wellness offerings actually produce benefits. Employee Confidentiality is a concern as well. Great topic!

Trade Insurance said...

If I am an employer, I will suggest my employees to close their eyes for 20 seconds to take rest after every 10 minutes and 5 minutes walk after every 2 hrs. while working on computer. Because it is necessary that they take some rest and relax their body so that they can regain their energy and work efficiently. This policy will save their health from many diseases too.