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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Social Networks: The New Wellness Frontier

It’s all about the people, people.

Social media is on the rise, especially in corporate settings. “Online media content manager” is a position that didn’t even exist until recently but is now one of the most sought after and critical roles within any company. Some might even argue that a company without an online presence is hardly a company at all.

While it’s true I’m biased as I write this (I am blogging after all), article upon article heralds social media as an invaluable tool for reaching out to employees and implementing change in the workplace. If a CEO wants to create a healthier office environment, social media is a great way to communicate those wellness values from the top down. Social media can drive the culture of a workforce and impact it in numerous ways.

Chris Cartter from Me and You Health notes: With the recent surge in new applications designed for the health industry, it’s a great time to discuss how we can all leverage social network science and social platforms like Facebook to drive adoption of health applications and increase their effectiveness by helping individuals knit together genuine support networks of people they know.

There are real benefits of allowing employees access to social networking sites and online apps in a work setting. Virtual communities are popular forums for engaging with an audience regardless of whether that audience is one of peers, colleagues, or employees. So, use social media to your advantage to monitor, track, and improve company health goals. 

Don’t think your company is a tech savvy, “online” group? Start slowly. As younger generations hit the workforce, online content is becoming an inescapable part of the culture. Embrace the positive aspects of social media and let it change your company for the better.


xanax without prescript said...

I don't use social networks. They always stole my privacy!

Zan said...

This is a great article - we are utilizing social media more and more in our company, but I haven't considered how to use this tool to improve our wellness program. This will be on my list of improvements!