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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quote of the Week

Today, I came across a great quote from Jim Cooper in TheAtlantic.com. Had to share!

"Would you be surprised to hear that our government is just like a middle-aged American who, having eaten fast food for decades, now faces heart trouble in his golden years? Aging nations have arteries clogged with obsolete laws, slowing blood flow and preventing oxygen from reaching all parts of the body politic. It happens so slowly and naturally that no one notices. Legislators want to prove that they care about children, seniors, veterans, etc., by creating programs to benefit them. Elected officials are so busy campaigning that they (and their staffs) don't review the statute books to see which programs already exist. They certainly don't check to see which ones are working and which are not. As a result, each new generation of politicians simply adds another layer of spending and bureaucracy."

Great metaphor that touches on the surreptitious decline into poor health that countless Americans experience as they age, while simultaneously commenting on the increasingly bloated and inefficient judicial system.

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