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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Four Ways To Promote Health in the Workplace

June marks the 4th annual National Employee Wellness Month. What are you doing to make your employees healthy and productive? As a wellness company, we suggest four ways to promote health in the workplace and get the most bang for your buck.

Onsite Biometric ScreeningsBiometric screenings are the ideal first step to any comprehensive wellness program or a great stand-alone option. In under ten minutes employees can receive a fasting or non-fasting fingerstick test which reveals the employee’s total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, and cardiac risk factor. In addition to the fingerstick test, biometric screenings typically include height, weight, blood pressure and body fat analysis. This data offers an overarching view of personal health status in just minutes!

Health Coaching / Ask the RD – Biometric screenings are typically accompanied by health education so a qualified professional can discuss individual screening results with each participant. Although coaching is most effective following a screening, health coaches or registered dietitians can be sent into the workplace at any time to offer nutrition and fitness counseling to employees. Often employees know they need to adopt healthier behaviors but they don’t know how to take the first step. A health coach can help employees formulate a plan for lifestyle change that leads to success. Onsite coaching is a wonderful perk for any and all workplaces.

Onsite Chair Massage – For most of us, the office is not the most relaxing environment. While it might be tough to make the workplace ambience as "zen" as a spa, onsite chair massage offers employees a chance to de-stress and escape from work-related anxiety without ever leaving the building! Studies show massage can lower stress, improve the immune system, and boost endorphins. These factors all translate to happier, healthier, better workers.

Flu ShotsFlu shots and immunizations might not seem as glamorous as onsite massage, but preventing a flu epidemic from making the rounds at the office is crucial aspect of employee wellness. Many companies wait to offer flu shots until the fall but it’s wise to get vaccinated as soon as the annual immunization becomes available (often as early as June or July). How can flu shots save your company money? Studies show flu shots can save companies an average of $106 per infection prevented, and produce an ROI of $2.58 for every dollar spent on immunization.


Health and Safety Reviews said...

Onsite biometric screenings, aside from being helpful in keeping employees aware of their general health, are very convenient and efficient. I might also suggest having healthier food options available in the office cafeteria.

Trades Insurance said...

What I think is that there should be 1 hr for meditation also. Meditation helps to release the stress from the employee otherwise in stress employee can made a mistake and if your comp[any is not insured, you may be in trouble.

Fiona Gathright said...

Very true! Meditation can be a great way to help employees focus and boost productivity.

Some companies offer "zen rooms" or "nap rooms" for this very purpose. If your company doesn't have anything like that, just find a quiet space, close your eyes, and relax each muscle in your body from head to toe.

It only takes a few moments of relaxation to feel refreshed and recharged!

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