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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TEDMED 2012 Conference Reinvigorates Health Care

At a time when most of us are at our wits end when it comes to the topic of health care, there is still a reason to stay optimistic. The cutting-edge TEDMED conference takes place this week at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, bringing innovative, life-changing ideas into the public eye.

For every inspirational, mind-blowing device presented, a little bit of faith will be restored to the industry as a whole. TEDMED provides a forum to some of the “healthiest minds” to offer solutions to our most human conditions.

The TEDMED community engages around 3 core beliefs:

They believe that connecting people from widely different disciplines leads to surprising insights and important alliances.

They believe that multi-disciplinary connections offer new and more powerful ways to understand today’s complex health issues, incorporating society and behavior as much as science and technology.

They believe that multi-disciplinary understanding provides valuable inspiration to their members, the nation and the world. It directly leads to new approaches and collaborations that can dramatically advance health and medicine.

This model of thought translates from the world of the TED talks to virtually any environment. The world is changing at a rapid pace – If we can connect, understand, and inspire each other, it will yield a healthier, happier, more productive atmosphere.

TEDMED presentations will be available online several weeks after the live event.

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