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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wellness Corporate Solutions Named Washington's Healthiest Workplace

We’ve finally made it big! After nearly a decade in the world of corporate wellness, Wellness Corporate Solutions is finally getting the press it deserves. And the best part is we’re being recognized for more than just our health offerings. We have been recognized for our unwavering passion and total embodiment of all things WELLNESS!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. At WCS, we practice what we preach. That means workplace wellness is a vital part of our everyday lives. For example, promoting challenges for clients goes hand-in-hand with internal WCS fitness challenges. When we encourage employers to offer healthy lunches to employees, we do the same in our own office. We make sure to walk the talk.

This week, WCS was featured in the Washington Post’s health-focused “MisFits” column where we were named the Healthiest Workplace in Washington. What an honor!

Check out the article to read about our quirky in-office fitness sessions, healthy lunches, and monthly group exercise activities. Healthy behavior is not just accepted at WCS, it’s applauded!


online health and safety said...

Congratulations on being named the healthiest workplace! Such is an honour indeed. Investing and seriously implementing a program that focuses on the well-being of the employees is something that every company should do already.

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